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Lessons in rappel

Rundle ridge multi-pitch, 11 small, easy pitches up Mount Rundle in Banff.

Johnston Canyon

Castle Mountain, the best of the rockies.

Favourite overcrowded local spot.

Via Ferrata with my guy.

My mom and I at my current workplace, 1999?


Logging rolling at Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada

Submitted by Alex Wang

Instagram @alexvwang


Beer Belay

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Tony Clevenger performs field research on a black bear cub in his Patagonia pile jacket. The jacket is now 30 years old and still in use.
Photo courtesy of Tony Clevenger.

A coworker’s father, who is also the head of the Parks Canada wolverine study.

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Share wear quickly becomes worn wear.

Snowtember, jibbing in Banff.